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Worshop Pro SPC 150 Strut Spring Compressor - Innovative Workshop Tools

Workshop Pro SPC 150Workshop Pro SPC 150

Strut Spring Compressor

This air over hydraulic strut spring compressor works in an instant to compress any spring with itís 10 inches in travel. With a Maximum spring compression of 1,984LBS (recommended operating capacity to 550 pounds) most springs on todayís cars and light duty trucks get compressed like a hot knife goes through butter.


Workshop Pro SPC 150 Capabilities

SPC 150 comes Standard with a heavy steel Safety Cage.

Air over hydraulic operation is done with a hand operated thumb pedal.

Thumb Pedal

Thumb Pedal

Safety Chain

Safety Chain

Standard on the SPC 150 is a Safety Chain.

If for some reason air is not available, the SPC 150 comes with a hand pump.

Hand Pump


The SPC 150 comes standard with 3 horseshoe mounts and one universal mount.

The Horseshoes come in a 5" unit, a 7" unit, and a 9" unit.Combined the SPC 150 can work on almost any strut from the tightest spring to a late Honda Odyssey.

Workshop Pro SPC 150 Accessories


Max. Spring Compression Capacity

900kg (1,984 LBS)

Max. Spring Compression Range

25cm (10”)

Max. Spring Width

20cm (7.87”)

Max. Spring Width on Large Shoe

19.5cm (7.67”)

Recommended Pounding Pressure Limit

100~250kg (220~550 lb)

Recommended Spring Compress Distance

15cm (6”)

Hydraulic Oil Specification

ISO Grade 46

N. Weight (with protective cage)

82kg (179 lb)

Shipping Weight

97kg (212 lb)

Shipping Dimensions

590mm x 520mm x 1250mm
(23”x 20.5” x 49.2”)

CE Certified on Dec. 18 2014

According to Annex I in Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) & EN 60204-1/A1:2009 ON “Strut Spring Compressor”

Workshop Pro SPC 150 SpecificationsWorkshop Pro SPC 150 Specifications

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