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Workshop Pro 1500 PressWorkshop Pro 1500


The Workshop Pro 1500 offers flexibility in a range of jobs. This is the safest most versatile workshop station you will ever use. Every shop makes the right choice when they chose the Workshop Pro 1500! This is a time saving, money making machine.


Perches for Stub Shaft removal

Perches for Stub Shaft removal

Front hub bearing removal is made simple by it's unique design. Hanging the hub assembly from two adjustable perches makes centering the job under the 30 ton ram quick, simple, and safe. The job is a hands-free task, done behind a safety shield. There is no struggling to center and level the job.

Rear axle bearing removal and replacement is also made simple with the included accessories. Hanging the rear axle assembly from the upgraded bearing splitter mounted on the two bed plates, using the 30 ton ram extension accessories, removal of the bearing, quick, simple, and safe. Replacing the new bearing is just as easy.

Stub Shaft Removal

Stub Shaft Removal

Adjustable bed which uses a winch

The new upgraded bearing splitter is a beautiful tool which will last a lifetime.

Standard with the Workshop Pro 1500 are an adjustable bed which uses a winch to raise and lower the work top onto the pinions. An air over hydraulic foot pedal frees up your hands so only one person is needed to do most tasks.

Adjustable bed which uses a winch

Stub Shaft Removal


Workshop Pro 1500 Accessories

Standard with the Workshop Pro 1500 are 28 hardened, interlocking, accessories plus 2 hardened 100mm rods for rear axle bearing replacement.

Workshop Pro 1500 Standard Accessories

Standard are two 10.75 X 3 X 2 inch
bed plates weighing 20 pounds each.

Standard bed plates


Workshop Pro 1500 Specifications

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