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Generation 2 Compact wheel bearing (HBU 2.1) extension set



  • This highly engineered set of bearing removal and replacement tools makes it possible to replace the wheel bearing directly on the vehicle.
  • This set and method will demount and correctly install Generation 2 Compact wheel bearings (HBU 2.1).
  • The tool set has been engineered to hold the bearing correctly so during installation there is little chance of cracking the bearing cage. This is accomplished by pressing in the bearing only using the outside of the bearing housing.
  • Using a standard press greatly increases the chances of cracking the bearing cage on this type if bearing. (type 2)
  • No wheel alignment or ADAS updates are needed after replacement.
  • The job is made directly on the vehicle in 15 minutes.
  • The full set contains several universal tools that are used for many other jobs.
  • This type is standard front wheel bearing on most Volvo S and XC models and MB/Dodge Sprinter from 2007-, they will be damaged by pressing on the hub when installing!
  • It's adjustable to fit bearings on all VW, Polo, Transporter 5, Touareg, Audi A2, Volvo V50/S40, S60, XC70/ S80, XC60, Ford Focus, C max, S-Max, Mazda 3, 5, 6, CX-7,  Landrover Freelander, Mercedes Sprinter, Mitsubishi Colt and Smart For four with this type of bearing. This tool can also be used as a hub puller on most other cars including BMWs.

Generation 1 set 20-00011 is needed for this set, it can easily be extended to cover also: Generation 3 (Bolted-in bearings) with set 20-00013.

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