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Complete Set: Generation 1 set plus Manual power screw for use with ½ inch impact gun

$1,895.00 Order Set #20002

20-00011 Generation 1 wheel bearing set, front and rear

  • This starter set makes it possible and very easy to replace front and rear wheel bearings on passenger cars directly on the vehicle in 15-30 minutes.
  • The Set comes with a fixing late that is universal for bearing removal feet. It can be used with feet to remove and replace Generation 2 and Generation 3 wheel bearings.
  • Designed to work with the hub on the car and to fit most passenger cars with Generation 1 wheel bearings.
  • Allows access when the knuckle has uneven surfaces or fragile brake shields behind the hub.
  • No more time-consuming struggle in the shop press.
  • No need for alignments or ADAS calibrations to correct thrust angle issues

20-03001 Manual press rod set for use with an impact gun. Can take the place of hydraulic cylinders up to 22 Tons

  • The set comes with four different press axles for adaptation with the different tool sets.
  • All parts are dimensioned and designed for use with ½” impact gun, ratchet or wrench with a 27 mm socket.
  • The tool has excellent power up to 15 tons of force. After that blows from a hammer on the punching nut #01-00031 are required.
  • The threads are made of a very hard material and we use a special bearing that makes it possible to use a ½” impact gun with up to 1000 Nm without damaging the tool.
  • For frequent jobs on ball-joints, bushings and axle shafts our hydraulic cylinders of 18 tons and 22 tons is recommended. 



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